Wetlands database

An important resource for wetland managers is sound data and information about the values of wetlands on which to base management decisions. This database provides online access to information on Ramsar wetlands of the Czech Republic and wetlands of national, regional and local importance.

Ramsar site list

During the years 1995 – 1999, detailed surveys were undertaken in order to prepare a complete inventory of wetlands of the Czech Republic. The work, initially coordinated by the Institute of Botany of the Czech Academy of Sciences, in Třeboň, was completed by the Czech Ramsar Committee and published as “Mokřady České republiky“ (Wetlands of the Czech Republic, CHYTIL & al. 1999). It contains, in 32 7 pages, information on 1,992 wetland sites, a bibliography of 1,32 5 references, and includes a complete list of wetland species of plants and animals protected according to the national legislation, as well as the list of wetland species and habitats endangered at the European level (Bird Directive and Habitats Directive of the European Union) and that occur in the Czech Republic.

Wetlands database has been created based on this publication. It also contains a map plotting each wetland. The database contains information on more than 2000 wetlands.

Criteria for identifying Wetlands of International Importance